About Arcadia


Mermaid Arts Centre presents Arcadia Festival, a ten day celebration taking place all around the town of Bray between 8-17 June…


Come to Arcadia Festival Bray for the finest entertainment, unrivalled scenery
and a wide range of other splendid summer holiday activities for one and all.
Picnics, theatre, exhibitions, music, film, cabaret and lots more good old-fashioned
fun! Fall in love again with Bray.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Mermaid presents the Arcadia Festival from 8 – 17 June which celebrates all the best things about Bray today as well as all the facets of its rich social and cultural heritage. For ten days in June, we will bring the town alive with this wonderful history to help remind the world just how special Bray really is.

Ice-creams in the sunshine, train journeys by the sea, warm hazy mornings, fish
and chips on the pier, periwinkles and cockles, fresh air and being beside the
seaside – even when it was raining, dancing in Arcadia ballroom, puppet shows, showbands, the long stretch of summer holidays between June and September. Few places in Ireland evoke such sweet memories of childhood summers as Bray. Bray is a place that has had many lives, small fishing village, idyllic retreat for Victorian Dublin’s middle-class, major holiday resort, home to James Joyce, thriving town and cultural hotspot.

Why not get involved by planning your own Arcadia event between the 8th and 17th of June? See our “Get involved” page for more details on how to join in and add to the fun.